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Monday, June 26, 2006

Meltdown #2

We went up to a friends cottage in Haliburton this weekend for another training weekend away. Friday night I went to La Bicicletta to have Heath look at my bike fit. He said my bike fits me well but there were a few minor things he wanted to fix. First, my seat had to be lowered (which is what I thought). Second, my aerobars had to be raised and the arm pads moved towards me a bit more and my seat had to be moved forward on the rails a bit more (which I also thought). Those few adjustments made a world of difference. I got on the bike on Saturday and was having the best ride ever until about 3 hours in when I started to feel not so great. My stomach was a little unsettled. I started drinking water. I met up with Gary and he said he had had to water down the Gatorade I mixed. I thought it tasted a little strong but didn't think twice about it. So I started to water it down as well. I was doing well nutrition wise--at least I thought I was. By 4.5 hours in to the ride I was a complete mess. My stomach was totally crampy and upset. I was really gassy, so much so that I thought if I didn't find a bathroom things could get really messy. My speed slowed immensely. I had trouble climbing hills, I had no gas what-so-ever. It was like a parachute went right out the back as soon as I hit any sort of incline. So, I need to figure out my nutrition and hopefully that will solve any problems I have on the bike.


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